Residents’ Comments

What Our Residents Have to Say

BerniceBernice has been a resident at Ingersoll Place for the past four years, having moved from Florida to be closer to her daughter. She now considers it “home.”

“I was in sad shape when I came here, very weak and couldn’t walk. But, in a short time with good food, good company and exercise, I quickly recovered; now I’m living my life in the best possible way. Before I moved from Florida, I thought that places like this were cold and impersonal institutions but Ingersoll is home now. The friendly atmosphere between staff and residents is heartwarming, with activities that keep us healthy and entertained and every holiday is acknowledged. This year I’m in charge of lighting the menorah.”

In her desire to help others adjust to new surroundings and people, Bernice serves as co-president of Ingersoll’s Resident Council and coordinator of the Welcoming Committee. “I want new residents to feel the same way I do. When they visit for the first time, I get a few people together and welcome them. We try to make them feel comfortable and answer their questions. We’ll even invite them to lunch!”


LakshmiLakshmi has been an Ingersoll resident for the past two years.

“This was my first experience living without my family. The staff takes care of all my needs such as food, laundry and housekeeping and my doctor makes house calls, something unheard of in the 20th/21st centuries!”

“What really makes Ingersoll Place special are the care-givers… all the staff in the kitchen and dining hall, the activities staff, the medication room and the administration staff.”

 “While everyone at Ingersoll is very caring, I would like to mention two special people by name. They are Rita in the Medication Room and also Michelle in the Business Office who has helped me countless times with my lap-top problems. They are assets to Ingersoll Place.”


Bill-VirginiaWilliam and Virginia have been married for over 50 years and their philosophy for living at Ingersoll Place is to be involved.

 “There is so much offered at Ingersoll in the way of activities, caregivers are friendly and cooperative and the building is kept up nicely. Any reasonable request is carried out with a warm and helpful attitude. Our medications are taken care of and we get rides to appointments which was difficult to coordinate when we lived at home.”

 Their advice: “You have to stay positive and have a good mental attitude. We don’t expect perfection; you get as much as you put in.” They attend exercise sessions regularly, enjoy the many musical performances and crafts programs and participate in the monthly Resident Council meetings.

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